ICALH 2020 - International Conference on Arts, Literature and Humanities 2020


会议名称:ICALH 2020 - International Conference on Arts, Literature and Humanities 2020











ICALH 2020 is an opportunity for academics, students, scholars, scientists and engineers from around the world who are involved in the study, management, development and implementation of systems and concepts to combat information warfare or to improve Arts, Literature and Humanities to come together and exchange ideas. This conference is trying to establish itself as a key event for the understanding of threats and risks to information systems, the development of a strong security culture, and incident investigation.


Tracks of the Conference

Aesthetics and Creativity

Archaeology and Anthropology

Architecture and Interior Design

Art and Museum Management

Art Curation & Conservation

Art History

Art Theory & History

Ceramics, Sculpture, & Crafts

Contemporary Arts Practice

Cultural Geography

Cultural Studies & Popular Culture

Dance, Magic, & Comedy

Drama, Film, & Television

Drawing, Painting, & Printmaking

Educating the Educators

Folklore & Oral Literacy

Freedom of Expression

Gender & Sexuality

Graphic Art & Web Design


Industrial, Textile, and Fashion Design

Information and Museum Studies

Information Architecture

Insights into Social Issues

Insights into World Issues

Journalism and The News

Landscape Architecture

Law and Justice

Library Studies

Linguistics and Modern Languages

Literary & Cultural Theory

Media and Youth

Media Concepts, Theories and Methods

Media Platform and Genre Studies

Media's Role in Public Relations and Marketing

Music and Musicology

Oral Communication & Written Translation



Post-colonial & De-colonial Studies

Religious Studies

Studies Involving Social Media

Language acquisition and learning

Language Education

Intercultural Education

Language Program Evaluation

Innovation in language teaching and learnings

Language Teacher Education (collaborations and practices)

Language Teaching Methodology

Language Curriculum Development

Language Testing and Assessment

Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts of Language Teacher Education

The role of language and communication in human cognition

Translation and Intepreting

Poetry and Prose (fictional and non-fictional)

Contemporary Literature

Comparative Literature

Media (television, drama, film and others)


Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Literature and Other Arts

Literature and History